Nine Lives Videos

Videos produced by Penchant Productions with thanks to John Sanchez, John Richie, John Jahnke, Jeff Peters and Mike Mayeux

Fine In The Lower Nine

Featured performers: Arséne DeLay and Jesse Moore


Blow My Own Horn

Featured performer: Paul Sanchez


Run Against You And Win

Featured performers:  Paul Sanchez, Caleb Guillotte, Vance Vaucresson and Eric “Shoeless” Pollard


Now That Kathy’s Gone

Featured performers: Michael Cerveris and Tara Brewer


Tootie/Bring the Mountain to Him

Featured performers: Tricia Boutté, Vance Vaucresson and Jesse Moore


Walking on Glass

Featured performer: Tanya Boutté


The King of Mardi Gras

Featured performers: Harry Shearer and Bryan Batt


House of Dance and Feathers

Featured performer: Shamarr Allen


Rebuild Renew (The finale)

Featured performers:  Lillian Boutté, Jarrel Allen, Michael Cerveris, Paul Sanchez, Arséne DeLay along with  Bryan Batt, Tanya Boutté, Tionne Johnson, Debbie Davis, Tricia “Teedy” Boutté, Tara Brewer, Vance Vaucresson, Jesse Moore and Eric “Shoeless” Pollard

The band for the Le Petit performance:

Eric Bolivar – drums
Mark Braud – trumpet
Jack Craft – cello
Sam Craft – violin
Craig Klein – trombone
Matt Perrine – bass, sousaphone
Paul Sanchez – guitar
Lawrence Sieberth – piano, keyboard
Shane Theriot – guitar

Musical Director: Matt Perrine
Vocal Director: Debbie Davis




Making of a Musical – Part 1 – Symphony Space – NYC – 2/27/11
Featuring Michael Cerveris, Dan Baum, Debbie Davis, Arsene deLay, Paul Sanchez, Colman deKay:

Making of a Musical – Part 2 – Symphony Space – NYC – 2/27/11:


The Preview Party kicks off by listening to the first cut from the CD, Fine in the Lower Nine, featuring Wendell Pierce. 1/29/11:

To Be Continued Brass Band at the CD Preview Party, Kajun’s Pun, 1/29/11:


The Official Pepsi Refresh Video, released 1/29/11:

The video that accompanied the Pepsi Refresh: Do Good For The Gulf contest application, released 7/10/10: