Offbeat Review: Nine Lives: A Musical Story of New Orleans

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01 April 2012 — by John Swenson Here we have the complete “score” for Nine Lives: A Musical Story of New Orleans, combining the 24 songs released last year with 15 more written as part of the original conception but recorded in separate sessions toward the end of last year at Piety Street Studios. This […]

Stereophile Magazine Review: Nine Lives Vol 1

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NINE LIVES A MUSICAL ADAPTATION, VOLUME 1 by Colman deKay & Paul Sanchez, based on the novel by Dan Baum Mystery Street 2011 Paul Sanchez producer Wes Fontenot, Mark Bingham engineers Nine Lives New Orleans’ musical renaissance, so well documented in the HBO series Treme, has reached its apotheosis with this expansive project. Paul Sanchez, […]

Burning Wood Blog Review: Frenchmen Street

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For as long as I’ve been going to New Orleans, Bourbon Street has been something of an eye sore, and sadly, a shadow of the place where jazz resounded from every door front. Spending as much time as I have in this wonderful city, you live and learn, and you come to realize, a tourist […]