The DeSotos

The DeSotos are an Auckland, New Zealand-based four piece who are standout exponents of the Americana/country blues genres. They mix a blend of rootsy guitars, Hammond organ and rock solid rhythm section with three part vocal harmonies to create their distinctive sound.

2009 was a breakthrough year for the band with their debut album, Cross You Heart, receiving a series of stunning reviews, including Manu Taylor on National Radio giving it his NZ album of the year vote. And the year was capped off with the producers of the New Zealand TV series South selecting the track Greedy Men for use as the show’s title music, while the rest of the album was used for continuity music throughout the series.

The band is comprised of  Paul Gurney – guitar & lead vocals; Stuart McIntyre – bass & vocals; Ron Stevens – Hammond organ, keyboards, acoustic guitar & vocals; Michael Burrows – drums & vocals

The new album Your Highway For Tonight (released May 2 in the US through Mystery Street Records) features 14 all new tracks, including Hearts In One Place, the theme music to Marcus Lush’s New Zealand TV series North.

The reviews of the new recording have been stellar in the DeSotos’ home country.

4 STARS – This is an Auckland four-piece that has nailed their sound.  Big, fat, twangy guitars, slapped snare drum, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, and a Hammond organ drone running through many tracks give the album a much bigger feel, yet very intimate.  – Colin Morris, DomPost

Your Highway For Tonight is loaded with great songs and expressive deliveries.  The DeSotos have grown and so has their music.  It provides more delight with every spin.  – Steve Scott, Waikato Times

Both Gurney and McIntyre write brilliantly and this 14 song effort doesn’t have a weak moment.  The DeSotos music oozes genuine emotions and makes all the right moves without having to think about them first.  There’s real sonic depth in these recordings, which capture the reverberant guitar sounds, the dynamic of a set of closed-miked drums, the fat bass and the fruity organ that fills out the sound.  – Gary Steel,

Your Highway For Tonight can be purchased here: